Is it Summer already ?!


Is this our Summer? I certainly hope not!

According to Monty Don on last Friday night’s Gardener’s World, a drought warning has been issued by the Met service in the South East of England already and a ban on watering will be taking effect in about three wee’ks time there.

Even though we don’t get the same kind of heat here, it is still really worth investing in a water butt, especially if water rates are going to be applied to householders in Ireland over the next few years. You can buy a child-safe water butt with rain taps online from the Mr Middleton garden shop from €85, B&Q and Argos sell them too.

I resurrected my Dahlias from the shed last week. I had nearly forgotten about them. I only ever grow two types. Bishop of Llanduff, a lovely red peony flowered dahlia with deep bronze foliage and Fascination, a bright pink flower with dark foliage also.

If you were on the ball and have already planted your out this is a good time to take cuttings. Use a sharp knife and cut just below the surface of the compost. Strip the lower leaves and insert your cutting into well-drained potting compost mix. Water well and put in a warm place, mist with water everyday.

I’m expanding my collection this year and have ordered Dahlia Ferncliff Inspiration from Mr Middleton. This dahlia has giant dinner plate flowers in pink-violet which grows to about 10cm in width. It should be a bit of fun.

Pulsatilla (pictured) is also known as the Easter pasque flower, wild crocus or prairie crocus. It usually flowers at the end of March or early April and flowered earlier than usual this year. It’s gorgeous soft furry buds open as the temperature warms up. The furry coat protecting the flowers on chilly nights. The flowers close again in the evenings and after flowering the plant develops furry seed heads just like clematis. Its leaves appear after flowering. Pulsatila likes dry soil and is perfect for an alpine style planting scheme.

To do this week…..

– Mulch as much as you can everywhere!

– Sow quick sald crops

– Prepare a small seed bed to start of your vegetables in outside

– Lift and divide snow drops

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